Game Controls

  • Start Game: Press ENTER to start.
  • Pause Game: Press ESC to pause or resume the game.
  • Move Left: Press Arrow Left to move the log left.
  • Move Right: Press Arrow Right to move the log right.
  • Restart Game: Press ENTER after a game over to restart.


Play's log rolling game and help Justin Trudeau stay balanced on a log in the water. Master the art of adjusting the log to keep Trudeau afloat while navigating through increasingly challenging levels. Try to beat your high score in this whimsical, apolitical adventure, or watch him tip over – the choice is yours!

This game was independently developed by a single creator with no malicious intent and no affiliation or influence from any external parties, directly or indirectly.

You may contact the developer at yellow.wing9848 'at'

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